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A message from your chapter president, Stephen Gossett,  on March 19th:

It's Time to Band Together.

There is enough doom and gloom in the world right now...

Our in-boxes are filled with so many generic emails talking about COVID-19 and the strategy they plan to implement in order to keep you and their employees safe.

Let me start by saying that this will not be one of those letters.

I want to take the time to remind you to be kind, loving and supportive of your fellow event professionals whether they are competitors or allies during this very difficult time.

In my 20 years in the wedding and event industry, I have never seen a crisis impact the event world so hard and so quickly.

But we will prevail.

As a Chapter, I ask each of you to fill your newsfeeds, tweets and insta posts with support and positive vibes. Reach out to your fellow brothers and sisters in the event world and help in any possible. Help can be financial, buying a meal, a gift card or simply provide a helping hand. Calling or sending a positive text to your peers can mean the world.

We as a community will prevail. I have been humbled and honored over the past 7 days watching our community set an incredible example of compassion, love and strength for those in need.

I look forward to brighter days.
I promise you my friends, they will come.

If any of you need assistance, please do not hesitate
to reach out to myself or any one of
our incredible board members.

Keep strong everyone,
Stephen Gossett
Appalachian Chapter President

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