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Do you want the chance to Submit your art form and be recognized by your peers?

Do you want the chance to celebrate and party at the Annual Gala?

It's so Easy!

1. Find your Specialty Category

2. Fill out the information.

3. Submit Images, videos, and or required documents to 

4. Our National Panel of Judges, members of NACE, ICA, and ILEA, judge entries in October.

Best of 2022

Rules and Information Categories:

  • Submissions will be judged by third-party event professionals before the Awards Gala on November

  • Submissions must be completed no later than October 1, 2022, at Midnight

  • Submissions and photos must be text, logo, and watermark-free. If submissions include a logo or watermark the submission will be thrown out by the Audit Committee.

  • The online entry form and digital image/video upload must be completed at the time of submission.  

  • Appalachian NACE has the right to use submission photos and information for advertising/marketing purposes.

  • The submission file must be submitted to the buttons below any problems or questions should be emailed to

  • Event submissions must have taken place between 8/1/2021 and 7/31/2022.  No submissions will be considered if they were submitted to 2021 Best Of Awards.

  • Categories will have awards for each subcategory and one for "Best of".

    • Only one submission to the same category and/or subclasses will be accepted.

    • A combined high score for all sub-class entries from all judges per company will determine the “Best of” Winner

  • Team Event Category requires participation by a minimum of 4 vendors.

  • Submissions will be accepted through October 1, 2022

  • All entries will be blindly judged by NACE leadership, and other national catering and event association members, in other chapters across the US.


A. Floral:

  1. Best floral design (Centerpiece/Arrangement)

  2. Most Unique Speciality Design (Bouquet, Corsage, Floral Wall, Etc. (Non-Centerpiece).

B. Catering:

  1. Most Innovate Menu

  2. Best Overall Presentation

C. Most Non-Floral Unique Decor: (Balloons, Marque Lights, Etc.)

  1. Wedding

  2. Non-Wedding

D. Event Planner:

  1. Most Creative Event Design

  2. Best Technical Planning (Outline, Floorplan, Etc.)


  1. Best Live Performance Wedding(Under 1 Minute)

  2. Best Live Performance Non-Wedding

  3. Best Use of Speciality Effect (Lights, Dancing on the Clouds, Etc.)

F. Baker

  1. Best Wedding Design

  2. Best Non-Wedding Design

G. Hair&Makeup

  1. Wedding Day-Individual

  2. Non-Wedding-Individual

H. Venue

  1. Best Representation of an Event Space

  2. Most Unique use of Space

I. Videographer

  1. Best Teaser (Under 1 Minute)

  2. Best Cinematic (Between 4-10 Minutes)

J. Photographer

  1. Portrait- Wedding

  2. Portrait- Non-Wedding

K. Vendor Collaboration Non-Wedding Event 

Must include 4 different vendors

L. Fashion Attire

  1. Wedding

  2. Non-Wedding

M. Unique Touch(Invites, Signage, Calligraphy, etc.) 

1. Wedding

2. Non-Wedding


N. Live Musical Entertainment (NON-DJ)

        1. Wedding

        2. Non-Wedding

O. Officiant

1. Best Live Presentation (Under 1 Minute)

2. Non-Wedding (Best Customized Ceremony Script

P. Interactive Guest Activity (Photobooth, Axe Throwing, Coffee Bar, etc.)

1. Wedding

2. Non-Wedding

Q. Non-Musical Artistic Performance (Dancers, Painters, Fire Breathers, Etc.)

1. Wedding

2. Non-Wedding

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